Hi, I’m Jason Colwick. I live in Houston, Texas and am currently training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but not in the event you might think.

I became a gymnast at a very early age but picked up pole vaulting in high school and found out I was pretty good. By focusing on that I went on to win the high school state championship in Texas and then the NCAA championship while at Rice University. I continue to train today for the opportunity to compete in pole vault at the 2016 Olympics.

Throughout my pole vaulting journey gymnastics has remained foundational to my training and will always be my first passion. In 2013 I started ramping up my gymnastics training because I believe it to be the best way to maintain a high level of strength, explosiveness, and agility needed to compete at the olympic level in pole vault. And I have a blast doing it!

The problem I ran into was I found myself repeating similar skills over and over again. It was not easy finding good resources for developing technique and inspiring me to push harder, so I just stuck to what I was comfortable with.

I knew that if I was frustrated at the lack of gymnastics resources online there had to be others like me so I made Code of Points. My hope is that gymnasts, coaches, and fans alike can use it to become better competitors and just overall stronger healthier people.

Consider bookmarking Code of Points on your laptop, tablet, or phone so you can take it with you the next time you are at the gym. Watch the videos and keep practicing and you will learn new skills in no time!

I currently train at both the Houston Gymnastics Academy and Houston Gymnastics Center so if you are ever in the neighborhood come on by! I would love to talk gymnastics (or pole vault) with you.

Happy training my friends!